#TheDonald – Why hating the USA is helping them

12 Feb

Before the 2016 presidential elections Donald J. Trump was a gruffy old arse without remarkable accumulations of manners or knowledge. Directly after the election he upgraded to insufferable narcissistic dictator. The hurricane of negative emotions that has been blowing across the world since then came not unexpected. However, what really grieves me about this situation is the tremendous amount of time that goes into useless protests and demonstrations against the orange mop in a suit. Below I tell you why.


Criticism of President Trump has been running wild on the interwebs, but I doubt it’s a solution to the actual problem.

The Facts, as far as they still matter

Donald Jesus Trump has been elected president of the USA. He took office in January 2017, and is now abusing his new super powers to turn his country into a fest of government-sponsored lunacy. Obviously, the elections that bestowed those powers upon him were rigged, and the babbling orang-utan will soon launch an official investigation into that topic, or so he promised. But for the moment we have to accept that the elections were held under the law, and their results are therefore legally binding. #TheDonald is the legitimate president, so you cannot protest his position of power without protesting the electoral system, and thus the very foundation of that country.

If you are a US citizen, protesting Trump as president questions the legitimacy of your own electoral system, thus undermining the authority of the state. It comes just short of treason, and the fact that many Republicans have engaged in similar talk over the past two decades does not actually help your case. The rest of the world sees you protesting a democratically elected leader, thus confirming the insanity of your people as a whole.

Lately many non-US citizens have begun voicing their protests as well. Among others Germans, Australians, and Scots have been noticed to engage in demonstrations opposing Trump’s presidency, and thus the US-American electoral system. In themselves, attempts to introduce civility and democracy into a land of gun-slinging savages may be deemed noble quests, as long as one refrains from physical negotiations. However, they remain a criticism of the structure and organisation of the electoral system. You cannot protest President Trump without protesting the democratic mechanisms that voted him into power. Doing so as a foreign nation displays a level of egocentricity that is I) typically US-American, and II) frowned upon. So, don’t.

Finally, that lunatic with the dead animal on his head is as likely to give up his presidency as he is to birth a social health plan, or a self-conscience of hair style. Since stripping Trump of power is the ultimate goal of the recent protests towards his person, these protests are utterly pointless. So, please, stop wasting everyone’s time, stop protesting the electoral college of the USA, unless you see a chance of actually changing it.

Capitol Washinton D.C.

The Capitol back on the 4th of July 2016. Washington D.C. was still kind of sane back then.

#TheDonald as a voice

The problem with Trump’s presidency is not merely the president himself. His entire cabinet is comprised of haters, Nazis, idiots, and industrial lobbyists. The majority of his supporters are ill-informed, badly educated bigots. You may recall that nearly half of the voting population consciously checked his name off a list of eligible candidates when they were asked who should become president. His powers were bestowed upon him by the people. Those people are still out there. They are US-American citizens. They retain the right to vote, and most of them remain as ignorant as they were before Trump’s move into the White House. Most of them still believe that they will build a multi-Billion-Dollar wall, and that Mexico will pay for it. Most of them probably believe that Hillary Clinton makes it rain and hail in New York, whenever she is not busy sending government secrets to ISIS. Protesting Trump will not smarten those people up.

If you feel the urge to voice your anger about Donald’s bigotry, here are two directions that would dramatically increase the impact of your shouts.

Celebrations in front of the Capitol back on the 4th of July 2016.

Celebrations in front of the Capitol back on the 4th of July 2016. Happy US faces; sane people in Washington D.C.

1) Protest the words, not the speaker

In the past few weeks alone the stuffed wig that runs the USA has deprecated various countries, religious groups, social classes, and trades. If you are a breathing inhabitant of this planet, chances are good that you should feel offended by several of Trump’s remarks, speeches, or decrees. Feel free to voice your concerns. Be loud and concise, otherwise the simple mind of the general Trump sympathiser won’t comprehend your complaint.

US-citizens usually sue you over a hot coffee, but whenever Trump points his stubby digits at specific people, and calls them liars, murderers, or thieves, they usually just let it slip, under mildly uttered protests. Take it to court guys! When the orange fluff publicly suggests that a) your dad killed a former US-president, or b) your newspaper lied about his hate tirades, or c) citizens of your country are terrorists, and therefore should not be allowed to travel to the USA, he then bullies you. Tell him off! Don’t let #TheDonald spit in your face without demanding a public apology. Bullies are not to be tolerated, especially if they work for you!

The White House in Washington D.C.

The White House in Washington D.C. harbours not just the president, but rather a whole range of government officials.

2) Protest the country, not its speaker

Donald Judas Trump has genuinely been elected the primary speaker of the United States of America. Not all US-Americans agree with that decision, but the decision was reached through use of a democratic process, according to law, and is therefore legally binding, and representative of the opinion of a significant portion of the US population. Tell them what you think of their decision. Tell them in uncertain terms.

Trump speaks for the USA, so by law his country is accountable for his actions. You are not going to help the US by letting them get away with that poor electoral decision. Hitler did not invade half of Europe all by himself; he had public support, and without breaking that support the Allies would not have been able to crack the occupation by Nazi-Germany. Just the same, solely tagging Trump in all international loathing is not going to defeat the idea that all Muslims are terrorists.

If we consistently shame the USA for the travesty that they brought upon the world, they, as a whole, might consider changing their ill-informed opinion. But we have to be consistent in our message; otherwise it will be brushed off like dad’s annual proclamation against ice cream in spring.

The Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C.

War has been a permanent companion of the USA. Even war on itself.

The USA are not victims

I don’t hate all the people of the USA; I don’t have that much spare time. I have many US friends, and I know that the US people are divided over many issues, just like any other nation on this planet. But just like any democratic nation state, the US employ publicly elected representatives. And recently those representatives have spoken as if the rest of the world consisted mainly of beggars and criminals.

Countries are responsible for their spokespersons. You can’t seriously expect to stop Russia from invading other parts of the European East by criticising only President Putin. Putin did not invade Crimea; Russia did.

Thus, I hereby kindly request that you redirect the hate and frustration that you feel towards #TheDonald, and put it to better use. When the US government cancels your health care program, demand it back from them. When the USA declares that all citizens of your country are a threat to US security, demand a public apology from the US government. If the White House threatens to send armed forces into your country to fight your “bad hombres”, request clarification on what many diplomats would consider a declaration of war.

In the words of the great Danny Schmidt: “why is the cracker in the White House not impeached?” Because apparently nobody actually tries, even though the entire White House is “guilty by association” (Danny Schmidt: man of many moons).

My point is this: hold the government responsible for government actions. Do it now. Before #TheDonald starts throwing nukes your way, single-handedly.

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