Cruise Commodities in space and laundry

12 Jun

Once again I got up way before my targeted sleep duration of eight hours was achieved. It was well worth it, though. I replaced my bed cover and blanket, as well as the towels, and even the cleaning of my solitary cabin is nearly complete. I used one of the old towels, and a sink filled with washing liquids, to clean most of the cabin walls, as well as Rafael’s cabinet, the bathroom, and the toilet bowl. That towel really is ripe for exchange, but that will have to wait. Apparently towels are a commodity aboard the ABC RypMeOff, and I can only get new ones at appointed times.

When I went down to the laundry counter the laundry lad told me I must approach him at 9 A.M. or 3 P.M., because there is a very limited number of clean towels available. When I dared to point questioningly at the ceiling-high pile of freshly folded towels behind him he brushed my request aside with the remark that those were reserved. For whom and whenst he did not expand on. I will get around that restriction by taking another towel when he is not watching.

Laundry aboard the ABC RypMeOff

Laundry aboard the ABC RypMeOff is a lot of paper work.

I also wrote my name on one complete set of uniform that I found in Pancho’s old cabinet, and handed it in for dry cleaning. Thus, in two days, when I retrieve all those clothes, I will have to go through my stuff, and pack up some of the uniform pieces. There is just not enough space in my cabinet anymore. Especially considering the latest arrival of space-munching photo leeches.

This morning the officers of the ABC RypMeOff extended their welcome to a small Meet & Eat event, where I stuffed my pockets and tummy with cookies. Alas, when I returned to my cabin I found a set of luggage that was decidedly not mine. Unless the captain offered me an early birthday present, which is unlikely considering the way he gazes at me every time my moustache crosses his view.

Bergen City: buildings and water

Bergen offers a lot of Norwegian architecture, landscape, water ways, and flowers in a relatively compact area.

No, someone else actually moved into my cabin. Just when I cleaned this dominion from the flaunted piggyness of my previous cabin mate Pancho, ABC Cruises dares to spoil my novel kingdom with a new crew member. As it turns out the lad is our new photo lab technician. And he has a girl friend aboard. With any luck I might get rid of him within the month, because our old lab tech is leaving at the end of this cruise, but I am not counting on that.


PS.: We visited Bergen, again. Here, have some pretty pictures:

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