Good Bye ABC Cruises, Part 2

20 Jun

Oh, look it’s another boring sea day! And it’s the second sea day in a row, so the guests are extra-unwilling to enter our makeshift photo studios. No amount of begging helps the fact that the passengers are tired of us, so tonight even the best of our photographers shoot barely any pictures after 9 p.m. Manager Ash took that opportunity to have a merch talk with me, and it seems he wished he had not.

Ash actually ordered me into his office to have an initial talk with me; to set the grounds for my evaluation, and discuss my commitment to this job. Standard protocol. He asked me the price of one of the photo frames, and seemed only slightly perplexed when I told him that I didn’t know the price of every item on our shelves, and instead of studying numbers I would much rather focus on delivering excellent services to our guests. After all, the price tag is on the merchandise. Duh! Costumers might purchase a wooden frame for their 6×8 inches portrait, but are unlikely to build any relationship to a product that is called “Golden Gate”, and costs €7.95. Names and prices are meaningless, if the object does not relate to the costumer’s needs.

Photo Gallery aboard the ABC RypMeOff

You are probably sick of this photo by now. Maybe now you understand the way I feel!

Anyway, we had a very brief discussion about the idiosyncrasy of his evaluation scheme, and after he finished his introductions I asked for a few private minutes with him. He agreed, and sent undermanager Bobo out the door. After expelling a few meaningless speech bubbles that complimented his style of leadership (lol) I returned to the core of my address, and told him straight-out that I was not going to finish this contract.

I will not become a full-scale cruise photographer. The conditions under which I have to labour at ABC Cruises simply don’t warrant my continuous support. Ever since the departure of Manager Mihai and my messy cabin mate Pancho I have had time to think, and have been compounding a list of reasons to stay or leave this company. Glossing over that list I concluded that cruise photography is definitely not my job.

Ash was surprisingly accepting of my decision, although he did not hesitate to ask for any way of swaying my decision in favour of a prolonged stay with this crazy labour-exploiting company. I tried to look sad and thoughtful, even though internally I am already counting the days until my departure. I could have just told him that “Additional Bollux Coming” is a weird, yet fitting abbreviation of the working motto of ABC Cruises. However, I would like to retain my option for returning to this company as a cruise musician, and I could hardly do that by telling my manager that his company is the worst I have ever worked for, and that no amount of money on this side of the Swiss border could make up for the distress this employment has caused me already.

Sportplatz in Alesund, Norwegen

There are certain things that I will definitely miss about this job. But overall it is just draining me of life and joy.

For the moment only Mateja and Ash know about my decision to leave this sinking ship, and I would like to keep at least the latter in the dark about the details. Especially since I have not made any preparations towards my return to Germany. For now I will make the necessary walk to the human resource manager, and receive the form that requests my early sign-off and evaluation. I have a few more days to ponder on my situation, and find the worst possible timing to leave these bloodsuckers behind. The knowledge that no major obstacles will hinder my official resignation has already taken a huge weight of my shoulders.

When I returned to duty after my prolonged talk with Manager Ash, sour pot Henry asked me what had happened that delayed my return for such a long time. He seemed genuinely interested (and disturbed), so I told him that our discussion concerned far-reaching decisions in the structure of management of this department, but that I was not allowed to say any more about it. That should sow some troubling thoughts.

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