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Sweet, stoned Alabama – 48% paedophilia is still *buargh*

14 Dec The Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C.

In a dramatic electoral race the people of the USA have once again shown that not #TheDonald ruins the grand freedom country, but rather its voting inhabitants. In November 2017 the state of Alabama revealed its state of idiocy, as senators and president alike advertised or excused the work of a paedophile instead of focusing on any form of politics.

For me as a European man the topic of US-politics has always been an easy target for cynical jokes. The average political debate in the USA has less substance than a snow flake in Kenya, which makes it so easy to fry it. The campaign of senator candidate Roy Moore was no different, focusing solely on throwing dirt, and completely ignoring any form of politics. Instead of discussing any issue that is actually relevant for the average citizen, such as affording health care, or fighting crime of colour, the entire campaign focused on Moore’s sexual misdemeanour.


Now, Donald Trump is as racist and uninformed as they get, but the real problem with US politics is the majority that voted for him.

Only in the USA can a child molester grab a mic and say “immorality sweeps our land”, and demand a seat in the senate. Only in the USA can people with the moral conscience of a burning lawn cross get elected for a major position of political power. I know, those are only allegations. Allegations that are backed by the reports of numerous victims and witnesses, a signature in a high school year book, and Moore’s own words, admitting that he became aware of his future wife when he watched the 15-year old girl perform at a dance recital, at a time when he was about a decade older, and probably had no business watching those girls perform anyway.

But even those well-founded allegations were not really scandalous anymore, which explains why 48% of the voters supported child molester Roy Moore instead of his Democrat opponent Doug Jones. Because for a Republican voter it is far less creepy if the attorney general calls up your 14-year old daughter in gym class, and asks what she is wearing, than it is to speak for the Democrat political party. Certainly the Democratic Party has their flaws, one key issue being their support of legal choice for women to control the fate of their own body, another being the prosecution of pointy ghosts who kill Afro-Americans with baseball bats. But do those flaws really bear heavier than those of a middle-aged cowboy who sexually preys on under-aged girls in the local mall?

For a 48% minority of Alamaba voters the answer is yes. Yes, standing for progress is worse than molesting children. And that is the real burden of US-America. That country will never be able to achieve a state of peace and justice, as long as an informed political debate has a lower public rating than a sex offender who preys on children. It’s the perfect nightmare of any teacher: you drop the words “discussion time”, and immediately half of your class rolls out their fire arms, and barricades themselves behind their desks. It is terrifying because this is the central element of democracy – an open and informed discussion, to find a moral compromise that is acceptable for the informed majority. And it is that discussion that at least half of the US-citizens are barring themselves against. So, when it became obvious that Roy Moore was a paedophile the central political question remained: “Democrat or Republican?”

Capitol Washinton D.C.

For the majority of US voters politics is not a question of ideas and opinions. It is a question of party allegiance, which pretty much negates all honest discourse.

As much as they want to tell you otherwise – people don’t matter to US-Americans, at least not as much as political allegiance. That is why the USA continue to fail; even when the Republicans role out the worst refusals from the local prison, the brand “Republican” still grants them instant approval. No facts wanted.