Reykjavik and the Perpetual Photography

6 Jun

I am used to seeing paying passengers aboard the ship. Even on the most beautiful port days there are always some ancient grannies who would rather play Bridge at the bar than breath the fresh air of a foreign country. Apparently even natural treasures such as Geiranger lose their magical touch during the twentieth visit. But today the passengers are particularly disinterested in their environment, and nearly half of our four thousand guests stay either aboard or somewhere near the ship.

Who would have thought that Reykjavik, Icelands most generic city, could foster any feelings of boredom, particularly when ABC Cruises fails to provide shuttle buses into town, and passengers have to walk for an hour to reach any semi-interesting sight?! (Who except me?!)

Volcanic rocks in the port of Reyjavik

The port of Reyjavik is full of interesting rocks. Sadly that’s about all the splendour that I saw.

The costumers in our floating mall are somewhat perturbed about the missed port of Kirkwall, the blandness of their Reykjavik experience, and the fact that ABC Cruises has done next to nothing to make their third day in this town any more interesting than the past two. Accordingly grim and annoyed are the facial expressions of our dear restaurant guests, who were already frustrated yesterday when we pushed them for photos with our imagined officers. Today they have nothing but contempt for us. Both the portrait sessions and the restaurant rounds yield image counts that are among the lowest we have ever experienced in these past five weeks.

Unsatisfied guests pose little, and purchase less, resulting in moody managers, and grumpy photographers. But I am a professional (I refuse to speak for any of the other male figures in our “team”), and tomorrow will be a new day of pestering and shooting, and helping passengers to get rid of their money.

Sleep, work, eat, repeat.


PS.: My photo gallery of beautiful Reykjavik is still available. Look here:

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